About us

King Agriculture Museum is located in Centralia, Washington. It is the biggest agricultural museum between Seattle and Portland. It houses over 70 unique tractors, and antique agricultural equipment.

The King Agriculture Museum is open June through September, four days a week from Thursday to Saturday, 10 am – 4 pm. Admission is only $6 for adults and children under the age of 12 are free!

King Agriculture Museum is located in the Lewis County Lumber building. The facility was built back in 1916 as the Kane Pneaumatic Shock Absorber Co. This company was in business for two years before going out of business. It was then purchased by Copeland Lumber Co. who had two stores, the other one was located in Olympia, WA. Copeland Lumber sold lumber and hardware at their Centralia location until 1927, then became Lewis County Lumber Co. until around 1935 when it was purchased by the Rowland Lumber Co. This lumber yard became the 1935 era Home Depot type store. It operated until 1980 and was then leased to The Smoke Stack Stove retail store for a few years. After that it became a computer scrap yard until 2006 when it was purchased by its current owner, David King.

Dave enjoys collecting tractor and agricultural equipment and sharing it with the public. In King Agricultural Museum, you can find many different types of tractors, farming equipment, logging equipment, railroad memorabilia, and pieces from the iconic Seattle Kalakala Ferry.

We Accept Donations

We greatly appreciate donations so that King Agriculture Museum can grow, and continue serving the community and tractor enthusiasts. Donations are accepted in form of cash, paypal, or antiques that are no longer wanted. If you are interested in donating, please email us at [email protected]

Other Local Museums

King Agriculture Museum isn’t the only great museum in Lewis County. Also make sure to check out the Lewis County Historical Museum, the Veterans Memorial Museum, and the The Shady Lady Bordello Museum.